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Re: solvent for gripper installation

>Aromatic compounds such as toluene actually do expand the plastic by
infiltrating between the molecules.   Soaps will not perform the same.
Aliphatic solvents such as mineral spirits may also not work, ie they will
not expand the plastic like an aromatic solvent.   Try the suggestions of a
lubricant with heating and see if it works.   You should determine if over
time the lubricant reacts with the plastic and causes deterioration of the
>Craig Stead PE
>Putney, Vermont
>At 10:18 AM 11/5/01 -0600, you wrote:
>>Dear P2techers:
>>I'm working with a tool company using toluene to soak a soft plastic 
>>handle before sliding it on a metal tool handle.  Tools are mostly 
>>pliers and such.  The client says the toluene "stretches" the 
>>plastic, although I think it may just soften it, making it easier to 
>>slide onto the tool handles.  Does anyone have experience with this 
>>type of application and know of a different material that may work 
>>here?  My first thought is heating the handle in a soapy solution 
>>from the inside (like a test-tube washer system) and then sliding it 
>>Any ideas would be appreciated.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Sherry Davis