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Re: BMPs for Washwater

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>Subject: Re: BMPs for Washwater
>Date: Fri,  9 Nov 2001 13:11:35 -0500 (EST)
>Dear Mr. Anderson:
>Mr. Keith Noble, Storm Water Program Staff from the Saginaw Bay District =
>Office may have some useful material to share with you in this regard.  =
>You can contact him directly at (989) 686-8025 ext. 8267.
>Thank you for your inquiry.
>Amy J. Kohlhepp
>Surface Water Quality Program Contact
>Environmental Assistance Division
>(517) 241-7965
> >>> "Anderson, Keith (DEP)" <Keith.Anderson@state.ma.us> 11/08/01 09:28AM =
> >>>
>         I'm looking for information on BMP's-Best Management Practices
>for Washwaters, Stormwater, etc. at Conceret Batching Facilities. Any
>information would be greatly appreciated.
>Keith R. Anderson
>Environmental Engineer IV
>Mass. Department of Environmental Protection
>Central Region
>627 Main Street
>Worcester, MA 01608
>(508) 792-7692 x 2751=20

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