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RE: help finding P2 and waste management tracking programs

One of the better waste management databases (if used correctly), is used by
the USAF.  AF-EMIS originally was developed to manage the HM Pharmacy
program, but rightfully evolved to include waste management tracking.  You
can see more here:  http://afemis.resdyn.com/ 
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Subject: help finding P2 and waste management tracking programs

I am writing a column (Practical Waste Management) for the Environmental 
Quality Management Journal and have mentioned the value of tracking an 
industry's waste streams.  I have listed a few generic database programs 
such as Access, Excel, Lotus, DBase, etc. that could be used.

I want to also list some specific software applications for tracking waste 
streams.  I remember many of you listing your favorite from time to 
time.  Could you send me your favorite(s) and where to obtain a copy (free 
to public or nominal cost only, please).  I will list all of the applicable 
ones that you send me in my column.

Steve Hillenbrand
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