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Re: P2 Guidance


The U.S. Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 says P2 is USEPA's priority 
strategy for compliance and overall environmental performance.  Also, a 
draft policy guidance on P2 as the agency priority was issued about 10 
years ago in the federal register.  These are general references that you 
can use.  If you need specifics on either I could dig those out in a few days.

Each state may have specific policies for implementing the CWA.  those that 
specialize in regulatory integration may be able to best help you with that 
particular act.

Gary Miller

At 12:08 PM 11/15/01 -0500, Buxbaum.Diane@epamail.epa.gov wrote:
>Does anyone have any information that can answer the question posed to
>me as stated below? Any good internet references?
>Diane Buxbaum, USEPA Region 2, NY, NY
>I am looking for any EPA guidance on Pollution Prevention vs. Back-end
>control, specifically is P2 a preferred method of obtaining compliance
>and is there any flexibility offered when P2 is the chosen method of
>compliance, particularly in the area of pretreatment under the CWA.
>Thank you for your assistance.

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