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Fwd: P2 Guidance

The Air Force has a manual devoted to the topic of "Compliance Through 
Pollution Prevention." 
This guide will be on the new EPA CD-ROM that will accompany the new 
soon-to-be-published "An Organizational Guide to Pollution 
Prevention."  The Air Force looked at its compliance site inventory and 
made the translation to "processes."  Compliance through P2 means changing 
the processes so that compliance is no longer required.  This approach is 
mandated by a Presidential Executive Order and part of the government Code 
of Environmental Management Principles (CEMP) program 
<http://es.epa.gov/oeca/fedfac/complian/emsrcemp.pdf>.  Your example of pre 
treatment is NOT pollution prevention.  You have to go upstream to see 
where the wastewater sources are located - in what processes.  Pollution 
prevention happens at the source, not at a treatment system.  I hope this 
information helps.

Bob Pojasek

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>Does anyone have any information that can answer the question posed to
>me as stated below? Any good internet references?
>Diane Buxbaum, USEPA Region 2, NY, NY
>I am looking for any EPA guidance on Pollution Prevention vs. Back-end
>control, specifically is P2 a preferred method of obtaining compliance
>and is there any flexibility offered when P2 is the chosen method of
>compliance, particularly in the area of pretreatment under the CWA.
>Thank you for your assistance.


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