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re: Reference Center for Cleaner Production - is there one in Boston?

HI again,

Now that I see the original request, I think he is inquiring about the
Lowell Center for Cleaner Production, the Toxics Use Reduction Institute
our reference library, the Technology, Health and Environment Library at
TURI.  Our catalog is available online http://ww.turi.org/greenlist, and he
can find directions to the campus in Lowell (45 min from Boston)  


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>Subject: Reference Center for Cleaner Production - is there one in Boston?
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>I am working with a man from Mozambique who wants to go to Boston to visit
>with representatives of the above-mentioned Center.  He tells me that many
>countries have one and that ours is at Boston University.  I cannot find
>such a Center.  I know all about TURI and other such institutes in Boston
>but not this one. Can anyone help??  I need the info fast!!!! Thanks a lot.
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