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RE: two ag-related questions


	PPL Inc. operates a steam/electric generation station in
Washingtonville PA.  Waste steam is fed to a neighboring greenhouse
operation.  I'm unsure of the distance between the two facilities, but
insulating steam pipes & valves is generally very cost-effective energy
efficiency-wise.  You could try calling PPL at 570-437-2081 to see if the
receptionist can transfer you to the correct contact person.  (Let me know
if you have problems and I can probably find the correct contact.)
	Viking Energy of Northumberland (town and county) PA, telephone
570-473-7261, operates a wood-fired co-generation plant.  The plant sells
steam/waste heat to a neighboring canning operation (tomatoes, beans, etc).
They may also be willing to supply some information about the piping.
	The SteamChallenge Program would be another source of information on
just how far low temperature steam can be effectively piped.  I think you
can reach the program through the Office of Industrial Technologies at -
You could also try Steam Online at www.steamonline.com

	Capturing methane from a well may be problematic but don't let that
stop you.  The two problems you may experience could be concentrating the
methane, and pressurizing the gas for storage/subsequent use.  The intended
use will probably determine project economics.  Perhaps there is a methane
mother load to formally tap nearby which might eliminate the well issue.
	One energy project that seems to be moving along well is recovery of
methane from wastewater treatment plants for power generation.  Perhaps
there is some applicability between your well and how the treatment plant
capture and use the methane.  Allentown PA recently installed several
microturbines at their treatment plant and is using methane that was
formerly vented to the atmosphere to generate electrical power.  I have some
write-ups on the project, and the microturbines, and will send those
attachments to you in a separate e-mail (or to others upon request).  (I
want to see microturbines replace thermal oxidizers for VOC destruction, but
am not sure what the potential is there.)  The literature may provide
contact information...I don't have that.

Hope this helps.  Ric 

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1.  Has anyone heard of utilizing waste steam for a greenhouse?  don't need 
the energy, just looking for warmth/humidity.  Don't know how far the steam 
could travel before losing the warmth.  Apparently this is done in the 

2.   Any suggestions on capturing methane which is escaping from a small 
irrigation well?