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Fwd: reuse of precipitator ash from pulp and paper mills

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Laura Barnes (filling in for Jini Cook)

>To: p2tech@great-lakes.net,
>From: shell.karrie-jo@epa.gov
>Subject: reuse of precipitator ash from pulp and paper mills
>My name is Karrie-jo Shell and I work with the US Environmental
>Protection Agency in Atlanta, GA.  I am looking for reuse opportunities
>for precipitator ash from recovery furnaces at pulp and paper mills.
>The analysis from one mill shows that this ash contains the following
>elements (dry wt):
>sodium - 30.6%
>potassium - 4.2%
>chlorine - 0.31%
>sodium - 22.74%
>The remainder is stoichiometric ratios of oxygen.
>The bulk density is about 35#/cubic ft.
>Please let me know of any opportunities you know of where this material
>can be used.
>Yours truly,
>Karrie-Jo Robinson-Shell, PE
>US EPA-Region 4
>Water Management Division
>61 Forsyth Street
>Atlanta, GA 30303

Jini Cook
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