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RE: Acetonitrile reduction/reuse ideas

We installed 'Recycler' systems on many of our HPLC units that are the main
generators of the acetonitrile waste. The units are tied directly into the
detector of the HPLC system and return solvent to the reservior when no
sample is being processed (samples are only processed a small percentage of
the time that the unit is running). Waste volumes can be reduced by up to
90%. Check out http://www.lplc.com/instruments/s3.htm for some details.

George Goode
Brookhaven National Lab

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Subject: Acetonitrile reduction/reuse ideas


We are looking for information on source reduction, reuse and/or recycling 
techniques for acetonitrile which is a solvent that is used in biological 
research.  The waste material is almost pure, but cannot be reused in the 
process without some treatment.  Any ideas?

Pat Gallagher
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