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Guides for P2 Program Mgmt?

I am building a collection of useful publications on running a P2 or Cleaner Production promotion program.  Could be guidelines for national strategy, managing a local program, policy development, etc; the sort of stuff a person setting up a new P2 program in government would want to have at hand.  If you know of any downloadable publications that are available on this topic, and that provide good general guidance I would appreciate knowing the URL.  Eventually the collection will be published on my "P2 Greatest Hits CDROM".  I am asking for special help on this topic because there are lots of P2 program evaluations and recommendations out there that are not listed in general publicly accessible websites.  Thanks for your help! 
Here is what I have so far:
UNEP Guidelines for CP promotion by Facilitating Organizations
UNEP Guidelines for CP promotion by Governments
Canada's P2 Planning Guidelines
P2 planning guidelines from various states
Australia's CP strategy
US EPA OPPT strategy
EPA on Innovations in Envir Mgmt
EPA Source Reduction Program Potential manual
US DOC on Evaluating Business Incentive Programs
NPPR Facility P2 Planning white paper
Business Roundtable on P2 Planning
NPPR EMS white paper
NJDEP P2 Planning evaluation
OECD on basic national capacity level for P2/CP
P2 Program Metrics from NEWMOA
USAID on Policy Options for p2
USAID on P2 program review in Chile and Philippines
Please let me know of any possible additions in downloadable form. Thanks!
Burt Hamner