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RE: Hospitals

There are quite a few good sources of information about hospitals on the web, below are just a few links.

Sustainable Hospitals:  http://www.sustainablehospitals.org/cgi-bin/DB_Index.cgi

NW Guide to P2 in Healthcare:  http://www.pprc.org/pprc/pubs/topics/healthcare.html

Medical Industry Waste Reduction Roundtable (I am a member of the steering committee):  http://dnr.metrokc.gov/swd/bizprog/waste_pre/medical.htm

Computerized Model for Hospital Waste:  http://nycwasteless.com/gov-bus/hospital_waste_form.htm

Kentucky P2:  http://www.kppc.org/spotlight/hospitals.cfm

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Hi All,

Aside from the EPA's 'Hospitals for a Healthy Environment' program, can you recommend other good resources for background information on pollution prevention and energy efficiency practices specific to the hospital industry?

Thanks Again, jks


Julie Sieving


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