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air knife alternative?

The best solution would be to remove the oil at the press in order to 
enhance reuse possibilities and to reduce oil losses/cleanup issues 
associated with parts movement throughout your facility.
Not knowing the configuration of the parts press (so this may not be 
applicable) I would suggest a high pressure blow off of the oil (like 
an air knife system) into a collection vessel. This would recapture 
the oil before getting soiled; at most it may need to be filtered or 
centrifuged to remove metal chips/flakes before reuse. 
If the parts/oil are not hot at the press where the blow off would be 
done, heating the parts or press may enhance the process due to lower 
viscosity if such a retrofit could be done. 
Just an idea to consider; one vendor out there has a "sonic system" 
that's supposed to be much cheaper and more efficient than compressed 
air systems.
Good luck,

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