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RE: Roller and Platen Washes

Vegetable cleaning agents are used in Europe to clean ink from offset printing presses in replacement of hydrocarbon solvents.  They might work for your application.  See: USEPA (1996) Vegetable Blanket Washes. United States Environmental Protection Agency; Design for the Environment Program (EPA 744-F-96-014), Washington, DC
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I am working with a local business that performs repairs on typewriters.  They are looking for an alternative solvent to remove ink from the typewriter's platens and roller.  They are currently using a solvent that is 50% perchloroethylene and @40% aliphatic solvent.
I have conducted some research using SAGE and the P2 tech archives.  However, I have not located any recommendations specific to this application.  Any recommendations or sources of information is greatly appreciated.
Chris Schroeder, Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health Division