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Re: P2 and National Security

The minimum resource requirements can also mean fewer
metals, oil, etc. that are withdrawn from other countries =
fewer social disruptions that occur from any extractive
processes and environmental degradation.

--- Burton Hamner <bhamner@cleanerproduction.com> wrote:
> Hello all.  I am doing some thinking about Pollution
> Prevention and national security at request of a
> colleague and also for a workshop in March.  Is there an
> obvious connection?  Or some more subtle ones?  Here are
> some of my thoughts:
> - Toxics reduction:  P2 can mean fewer toxic chemicals
> around for people to make trouble with.
> - Minimum requirements for resources:  P2 can reduce the
> amount of water and energy that people need to get by, so
> they are less vulnerable perhaps in event of disruption
> of supply.  Reducing use also makes distributed
> generation of power and clean water more feasible so
> systems have fewer vulnerable points.
> - Carbohydrate chemistry and chemical substitutions and
> reduction can reduce the need for imported oil (tho this
> is hardly likely to make any difference).
> Does anyone have other ideas to share?  It may be that
> this is all just reaching a little too far for relevance
> to national security.  But that's what listservs are for
> - reaching way far!

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