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Re: Roller and Platen Washes

You may also want to investigate the Program for Assisting the Replacement of Industrial Solvents (PARIS II) http://www.tds-tds.com/parfact.htm

A software tool that can "design" new solvents and identify "green" replacements for solvents currently in use.  Information on the website indicates that the user needs to know only the composition of the solvent to be replaced in order to run the program. 

>>> "Chris Schroeder" <cschroed@ci.lincoln.ne.us> 12/10/01 10:25AM >>>

I am working with a local business that performs repairs on typewriters.  They are looking for an alternative solvent to remove ink from the typewriter's platens and roller.  They are currently using a solvent that is 50% perchloroethylene and @40% aliphatic solvent.

I have conducted some research using SAGE and the P2 tech archives.  However, I have not located any recommendations specific to this application.  Any recommendations or sources of information is greatly appreciated.


Chris Schroeder, Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health Division