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Need P2Techster with Spanish for Hospitals

One of my friends is setting up Peru's first model P2 program for a
hospital.  The hospital is a large old one serving mostly poor people in
central Lima.  Peru now has a Cleaner Production Center and program
sponsored by USAID.  They want to do something with hospitals too.
Challenges are many; no real regulation, few EPP alternatives, typical
developing-country management, etc.  But they are very concerned and now
they know how much P2 stuff has been done in US they are feeling pressured
to do something positive.

I am collecting information on persons with good experience of P2 in
hospitals and who speak reasonable SPANISH.  There may be an oppty in 2002
for such persons to be supported/paid by USAID to visit the hospitals there
for a week or two and help them along.  I expect to be helping out sometime
in April myself.  Once you are in Lima, Machu Pichu is not far away!

If you would be interested in receiving whatever updates I can pass along
please email me directly (not back to listserv).  No promises, but maybe a
good oppty later.  Thanks!
Burt Hamner