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Re: adhesives

Nike Inc has switched most of its shoe production to water-based adhesives.

I would ask them what formulation they are using.

Burt Hamner

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> HI Listies,
> This is an interesting question about adhesives.  Please post your
> to Jeff as he is not on this list.  We want to hear your responses too, so
> include posting to p2tech!
> Janet Clark
> ...........
> I am a shoemaker living in Stratford, Ontario.  I
> am presently developing an eco-friendly shoe made of recycled materials.
> create shoes using a variety of post-consumer materials, such as reclaimed
> burlap coffee sacks, tires and intertubes, unusable clothing, dryer lint,
> etc.  While my project is still in the incubation stages, I wish to make
> them as environmentally friendly as possible.
> I have spent much time recently investigating environmentally-friendlier
> adhesives that might be available, unfortunately to little avail.  This is
> where I am hope you might be able to help me.  The commonly used adhesive
> for shoemaking is Barge All-Purpose Cement (manufactured by Quabaug).  I
> looking to replace Barge with something less harmful to the environment
> (and myself).  Any commercially available "eco-friendly" adhesives (such
> Pres-Tite Green Contact Cement) do not have the strength or durability
> sufficient for holding together a pair of shoes.  I was wondering if you
> knew of any adhesives that are available that might help, or if you knew
> anyone that I should be approaching to aid me in this search.
> The other product that I am looking to replace is Rubber Latex.  I
> treat old burlap coffee sacks with Rubber Latex to create a "Leather
> Alternative".  Do you know if there is some type of natural alternative
> has similar properties to rubber latex?
> If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to
> me.  You can e-mail me at blue_pariah@hotmail.com or I can be reached via
> the phone at (519) 273-0586.
> Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.  Any insight you may
> have would be very much appreciated.  I was very impressed by what TURI is
> doing.  I'm glad the Toronto Environmental Alliance turned me on to your
> Institute.  Thanks again!
> Keep up the good work,
> Jeff Churchill
> blue_pariah@hotmail.com
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