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RE: adhesives

A search of our data base found a case study of Kinny Shoes in PA. which
converted to a water borne emulsified rubber adhesive.
You can read it at:
We have a number of other examples of conversion to waterborne with similar
John Calcagni

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HI Listies,

This is an interesting question about adhesives.  Please post your response
to Jeff as he is not on this list.  We want to hear your responses too, so
include posting to p2tech!

Janet Clark

I am a shoemaker living in Stratford, Ontario.  I 
am presently developing an eco-friendly shoe made of recycled materials.  I 
create shoes using a variety of post-consumer materials, such as reclaimed 
burlap coffee sacks, tires and intertubes, unusable clothing, dryer lint, 
etc.  While my project is still in the incubation stages, I wish to make 
them as environmentally friendly as possible.

I have spent much time recently investigating environmentally-friendlier 
adhesives that might be available, unfortunately to little avail.  This is 
where I am hope you might be able to help me.  The commonly used adhesive 
for shoemaking is Barge All-Purpose Cement (manufactured by Quabaug).  I am 
looking to replace Barge with something less harmful to the environment
(and myself).  Any commercially available "eco-friendly" adhesives (such as 
Pres-Tite Green Contact Cement) do not have the strength or durability 
sufficient for holding together a pair of shoes.  I was wondering if you 
knew of any adhesives that are available that might help, or if you knew of 
anyone that I should be approaching to aid me in this search.

The other product that I am looking to replace is Rubber Latex.  I presently

treat old burlap coffee sacks with Rubber Latex to create a "Leather 
Alternative".  Do you know if there is some type of natural alternative that

has similar properties to rubber latex?

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact 
me.  You can e-mail me at blue_pariah@hotmail.com or I can be reached via 
the phone at (519) 273-0586.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.  Any insight you may 
have would be very much appreciated.  I was very impressed by what TURI is 
doing.  I'm glad the Toronto Environmental Alliance turned me on to your 
Institute.  Thanks again!

Keep up the good work,

Jeff Churchill

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