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Greening Supply Chains

To all:

We have recently completed a report for the National Environmental Education
and Training Foundation (NEETF) and the Green Business Network, funded by
the USEPA, titled: "Going Green, Upstream: The Promise of Supply Chain
Environmental Management".  It is available on the NEETF website at

We present the obligatory case histories and text boxes, but also propose a
matrix for sorting companies by their context and then using their position
in the matrix to better understand the choice of program elements: Surveys
or audits?  Certification or "hit list"?  Collaborate or eliminate?

We were hampered by a relative lack of definitive data on the results (and
costs) of greening supply chains, especially in terms of benefit to the
environment, but the discussion might prove useful to anyone starting or
modifying an effort to green their supply chains.

--Terry Foecke
Managing Partner
Materials Productivity LLC
6701 Penn Avenue South, Suite 200
Richfield, MN  55423
(p) 612-243-3605
(f) 612-243-3608