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Re: Effluent Trading?

Taking the air pollution trading model to water would
require a close restriction to individual watersheds,
somewhat smaller than looking at airsheds.  Otherwise, I'd
think any implementer would run into environmental justice
conflicts and potential high variation in watershed

--- Burton Hamner <bhamner@cleanerproduction.com> wrote:
> Hi!  Does anyone have info on effluent trading as a way
> to promote wastewater pollution prevention?  I have heard
> a bit here and there about it.  It seems a fascinating
> idea that would by necessity be managed at the local
> level.  The pending EPA standards on Total Maximum Daily
> Loading are starting to get municipal folks worked up,
> and effluent trading seems like it might be a handy
> approach for water P2.  Please let me know if you have
> any info or sources, I am helping design a workshop and
> this might be something we would feature.  Thanks very
> much.
> Burt Hamner

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