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Re: So what does ISBN stand for? RE: nifty ISBN search tool

When someone who is always misplacing their books asks you where their
book is, you say "ISBN" for
 "I ain't seen your book nowhere."

Or see   <http://www.cwi.nl/~dik/english/codes/isbn.html>

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) evolved from the Standard
Book Number (SBN) previously
used in some English speaking countries. An SBN is converted to an ISBN
by prepending a digit '0'.

The ISBN consists of 9 digits plus one check digit. To calculate the
check digit you must multiply the last digit of
the true number by 2, the last but 1 by 3 etc. and add these results.
The number needed to fill this sum to the next
multiple of 11 is the check digit. If it is 10, the check digit is
replaced by the letter 'X' (historically correct of

The true ISBN consists of three parts that may be (but need not be)
separated by hyphens. The first part
indicates the language or country of origin (this varies), the second
part indicates the publisher and the third part
the book number. The size of each field is not fixed, for instance a
very small publisher will have a large field for
the publishers number and a very large publisher will have a small
field, leaving much more space for book
numbers. Also when a publishers book number space is exhausted he will
be assigned a new publishers number
(which may be but need not be smaller in size). A reprint will not
receive a new ISBN, but a modified reprint

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Thanks in advance for the definition.
Peter Moulton, Director, Anti Acronym, Anti Abbreviation Alliance of

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> I found this great website for searching all (I think) ISBN titles by
> keyword.  Here is the link for finding all ISBN titles for Pollution
> Prevention

> llution+prevention&submit=submit&B=
> And for Cleaner Production
> You can search for many other titles too.  First time I found a
> comprehensive ISBN search tool.
> Seems handy for librarians.  The link technology is also interesting
> webmasters because you can set links to link to book dealers.
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