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Effluent trading and P2&security items

Dear colleagues--

Two, two postings in one
Re Effluent trading

World Resources Institute:Market-based water quality management yields 
cleaner water at lower cost   http://www.igc.org/wri/press/fertile_ground.html

Chesapeake Bay Program trading page--has links to other pertinent sites

Lower Boise (Idaho) effluent trading demo project

A somewhat dated (1999) bibliography 

More can be found by searching "effluent trading" on a search engine.
Re Environment and security

For those interested in exploring the P2-national security issue more broadly 
as environment and security, there's growing literature on the topic of 
"environmental security."  Actually DOD has a Deputy Undersecretary for 
Environmental Security and the CIA has funded work on environmental 
indicators as possible predictors of social and political instability.   

Much of the literature is about the possible connections between resource 
degradation and political instability, either within nations or between 
nations.  Will countries fight over water?  Might climate change lead to 
environmental refugees fleeing low-lying regions?  Does resource degradation 
and pollution foment civil disorder [remember the environmental activist 
executed in Nigeria some time back; or how a retired Russian naval officer 
has been harassed by the Russian security apparatus for reporting on their 
defense nuclear mess].

There's a bibliography at http://www.pnl.gov/ces/academic/runci.htm and 
course syllabus at 
Search for "environmental security" on a decent search engine for more. 
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