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Re: Effluent Trading?


I see that you have already received several references to the Lower
Boise Effluent Trading Project in Idaho.  However, I wanted to give you
some background.  This project came out of seed money provided by the
Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Roundtable in an effort to work
with media programs on incorporating pollution prevention into their
activities.  Although the P2 ended up being invisible to the untrained
eye (they weren't labeled as P2),  the methods that irrigation districts
and individual farmers would end up trading (because they are the most
cost effective) are source reduction techniques like nutrient management
and water efficiencies to prevent sediment runoff.  FYI.

Katie Sewell
Idaho Small Business Development Center
Boise, Idaho

>>> "Burton Hamner" <bhamner@cleanerproduction.com> 12/12/01 03:14PM
Hi!  Does anyone have info on effluent trading as a way to promote
wastewater pollution prevention?  I have heard a bit here and there
about it.  It seems a fascinating idea that would by necessity be
managed at the local level.  The pending EPA standards on Total Maximum
Daily Loading are starting to get municipal folks worked up, and
effluent trading seems like it might be a handy approach for water P2. 
Please let me know if you have any info or sources, I am helping design
a workshop and this might be something we would feature.  Thanks very

Burt Hamner