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Re: US Ski Industry

EPA's Sustainable Industries program launched a partnership with the ski
industry. As part of that, I know they conducted some background
research on the environmental issues surrounding resort. You can see the
general description at the web site
http://www.epa.gov/sustainableindustry/define.htm. Check with the
project managers  Bob Sachs (sachs.Robert@epa.gov) or Julie Frieder
(Frieder.Julie@epa.gov) to see if they've published the final reports.

Also, Colorado conducted a P2 assessment and implementation project with
ski resorts contact Kathy Dale at Colorade Dept. of Public Health and
Environment's Pollution Prevention Program (303) 692-2976.

Good luck.

John Katz
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
US EPA Region 9
75 Hawthorne Street, WST-7
San Francisco, CA  94105
415-947-3530 (fax)

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Hi Again All,

Can any of you recommend good resources or existing reports that discuss
environmental impacts of the US ski industry?  I'm interested in
obtaining any data that may estimate typical waste quantities or energy
use (perhaps EUIs?).

Thanks In Advance, jks

Julie Sieving

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