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Re: Effluent Trading?

Burt --

There's a real opportunity for P2 approaches with water trading and TMDLs. Two websites you could look at. The first is the Great Lakes Trading Network. Go to www.gltn.org, then look at the call summaries to get a quick overview of the issues and what some of the states are doing. The second is the National Academy of Public Administration website: www.napawash.org. When you get to their homepage, choose "publications," select the title: environment.gov(research papers). When you click on that, it takes you to electronic copies of the papers. Look at paper #6, which we worked on with the support of Batelle; it discusses issues in trading, with an emphasis on water trading programs and the TMDL issues. The new special assistant to the AA for Water at EPA developed an innovative water trading program design for Michigan, and started the Great Lakes Trading Network, so there is likely to be increased interest in this at the Agency.

Bob Kerr

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