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Fw: Sustainable Finance and Banking

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Subject: Sustainable Finance and Banking

Announcing the publication of
Sustainable Finance and Banking - The Financial Sector and the Future of the Planet
by Marcel Jeucken
Banking and finance play a fundamental role in public policy and economic performance as well as in all forms of commerce
and industry. They are crucial in determining whether society - from governments to individual consumers - succeeds in
following an environmentally sustainable path.
A new book, titled ‘Sustainable Finance and Banking’ sets out to clarify these issues, in a style which is also accessible to
those with no experience of environmental or finance issues. The book answers two broad questions: why is the financial
sector crucial to achieving sustainability and why does sustainability pose threats and opportunities to banks?
From a systematic assessment of major banks around the world, the book presents a comprehensive account of current best
practice, an analysis of the differences in approach and performance, and recommendations of actions and policies for improved performance that will contribute to sustainable
development. It is the first book to integrally do so. The book is targeting senior management and staff within the financial sector and all their stakeholders – businesses, governments,
NGOs, academia and citizens alike.
"...The author is the first to tackle this subject in such broad and accessible terms ... I have no doubt that this book will inspire many people to take up the challenge of sustainable banking." Jan Pronk, Minister of Environment, The Netherlands
"...He offers state-of-the-art thinking on these complex issues and exemplifies the many opportunities and benefits to be drawn from sustainable investment strategies."
Björn Stigson, president WBCSD
"...This book will certainly prove to be one of the key contributions to the finance-sustainability interface."
Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel, director UNEP-FI
"...I sincerely think this book can improve the dialogue within the financial sector and with their stakeholders, and propel many towards a sustainable future"
Hans Smits, chairman Rabobank Group
"...The natural self-interest so characteristic of the financial sector will be enlightened by this book ..."
Pieter Stek, Executive Director, World Bank
The author is a senior economist at the Rabobank Group, The Netherlands. The book is a private initiative, is published by Earthscan Publications (UK) and has been supported by the Dutch
Ministry of Environment and the Rabobank Group.
1. Introduction
2. Environmental Consciousness and Sustainable Development
3. Sustainability: The Challenges for Companies
4. Sustainability: A Special Role for Banks
5. Sustainability, Markets and Banking Products
6. Sustainability and Financing Risks
7. Internal Environmental Care
8. Organization and Communication about Sustainability
9. Sustainable Banking in Perspective: The Cases of 34 International Banks
10. Sustainable Development: A Paradigm Shift
11. Towards sustainable banking
For more information: www.sustainability-in-finance.com
Online discount 15% (EUR41 instead of EUR49).
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