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Important Message for All P2Tech Subscribers

Dear P2Tech listserv subscribers:

Happy Holidays from GLRPPR!

In case you didn't know the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention 
Roundtable maintains and manages the P2Tech listserv.  On behalf of the 
entire GLRPPR staff we would like to wish you all a joyous holiday season 
and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

The P2Tech listserv is an information-sharing forum for pollution 
prevention technical assistance providers. Discussions of pollution 
prevention solutions to technical and engineering problems. Messages are 
archived at the GLIN site at www.great-lakes.net/lists/p2tech/search.html.

Many of you will be away from the office for a while and we recognize the 
fact that members of this listserv utilize automatic messaging options 
and/or would like to reduce their e-mail volume that they have to catch up 
on once they return.  We would encourage you to notify Jini Cook, our 
listserv administrator at jcook@wmrc.uiuc.edu of your plans.  She will 
gladly unsubscribe you from the listserv temporarily and then resubscribe 
you on your specified date of return.  This will help minimize the number 
of rejected e-mail message she must process and minimize the volume of 
e-mail you have to sort through when you return.

When you subscribe to P2Tech or any other listserv maintained by GLRPPR you 
received a subscription confirmation e-mail which outlines the policy of 
operation and etiquette of the listserv.  To review our policy of operation 
see our web site at http://www.glrppr.org/listservs/.  We would like to 
take this opportunity to let all of you know that as the listserv 
administrators we will respond to subscribers individually if discussions 
and behaviors arise which are beyond the scope of the policy.  If you 
encounter an e-mail conversation over the listserv that you feel is 
inappropriate or outside the scope of the mission of the listserv please 
e-mail me, Debra Jacobson at djacobso@wmrc.uiuc.edu or Jini Cook at 
jcook@wmrc.uiuc.edu and we will address the situation immediately, but off 
the listserv.

If you have any questions about the listservs and their operation we 
encourage you to contact us.  For a list of listservs GLRPPR maintains see 

Again, have safe, holiday season!

Debra Jacobson
GLRPPR Executive Director
Debra Jacobson
E-mail Address djacobso@wmrc.uiuc.edu
IL Waste Management & Research Center / IL Dept of Natural Resources
PNEAC/GPP http://www.pneac.org
GLRPPR http://www.glrppr.uiuc.edu
1010 Jorie Boulevard, Suite 12
Oakbrook, IL  60523
630/472-5023 Fax