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P2 in Solid Waste Rules

Minnesota is revising the following sections of its Solid Waste Rules:
*	Transfer Stations
*	Demo/Industrial Solid Waste 
*	Waste Utilization

Relative to these topics, your response to the following questions would be helpful: 

1) How have other states or local jurisdictions encouraged or required greener solid waste management practices through their solid waste regulatory programs?  

2) How have the following been incorporated into guidelines, rules or ordinances:
*	sorting at transfer stations or landfills;
*	pre-demolition inspections (e.g., to ensure asbestos and Hg removal);
*	utilization of solid waste materials (specifically, regulated by-products and environmental media or unregulated, but potentially harmful, materials);
*	pollution prevention (source reduction), perhaps through EMS, Performance Track, or TRI-based pollution prevention planning or reporting schemes?

3) Are there examples where Rules refer to existing (or authorize new) services to be used as compliance resources, which are administered by an organization other than the agency administering the Rule?  For example, non-regulatory technical assistance; business assistance or funding arranged through separate legislative authority or trade associations?

Cindy Hilmoe 
P2/Sustainability Advocate, Geologist
Policy and Planning Division
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 N. Lafayette Rd.
St. Paul, MN  55155
(651) 296-7783
FAX (651) 297-8676