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Eval of Business Development Services for P2

This is a useful resource for everyone thinking about measuring the effectiveness of P2/CP programs.  The topic is Business Development Services, which is an important element of P2 programs:
In general, there is a lot of great analytical and evaluation work done under "Business Development Services", for those of you trying to figure out how to work with business especially small business.  The Internatonal Labour Organization (ILO) holds authoritative international conferences on this, see http://oracle02.ilo.org/dyn/empent/empent.Portal?p_prog=S&p_subprog=BD.  Just what you want to read over Christmas vacation.
"The Performance Measurement Framework is sponsored by the USAID Microenterprise Best Practice Project, implemented by DAI, and advised by a sub-committee of the Committee of Donor Agencies on Small Enterprise Development (link). The PMF is an attempt to organize a set of valid, practical, and useful indicators in order to assess the performance (and success?) of Business Development Services initiatives with regard to reaching the goals of outreach, sustainability, cost effectiveness, and impact. In the long run, it is hoped that the PMF will:
  • Enable some comparison of program performance;
  • Help identify and synthesize best practices;
  • Provide important information to improve services for SEs; and
  • Contribute to the development of fair funding allocation decisions and fair performance standards."