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RE: Environmental Compliance Costs

Below is a portion of a press release of a report issued by the SBA in
October (federal reg. costs only).  The URL for the report is
Washington, D.C. - Federal regulatory costs on U.S. business grew to $497
billion in 2000. Furthermore, these costs fell disproportionately on small
business. These are the primary findings of a study released today by the
Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).
The report, by W. Mark Crain and Thomas D. Hopkins, entitled The Impact of
Regulatory Costs on Small Firms, examines the cost of regulation on small
versus large firms across four broad industrial sectors - manufacturing,
trade (wholesale and retail), services, and other.
"These research results are very disturbing," said Office of Advocacy Acting
Chief Counsel Susan Walthall. "This new study shows that the cost of federal
regulation continues to increase on business and that as this regulatory
burden grows these costs disproportionately hit small business."
The report divides federal regulations into four categories: environmental,
economic, workplace and tax compliance. All told, in 2000 federal
regulations cost small firms (less than 20 employees) nearly $7,000 per
employee annually. Compliance costs for medium size firms (20 to 499
employees) and for large firms (500+ employees) were close to $4,320 and
$4,460 per employee respectively.
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One of our sister organizations prepares an annual Manufacturing Benchmark
Report.  In this report they have a section that estimates the costs of
compliance with federal and state environmental regulations in each of the
states.  The data that they have been using is a 1994 Census report.
the data is not current.  In fact, we hope that the costs have gone down
of aggressive P2 activities.

Does anyone know of anything more current that I could refer them to?

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