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Federal Gov.FY2000 Enviro Acct.

Just to give the field of codified government legislative environmental
financial accounting standards more gravity I thought the listservice would
be interested in the US Federal Government's use of codified legislative
mandated environmental accounting standards.

For just two federal departments (US Department of Defense and US Department
of Energy) the total audited environmental costs for 2000 using the Federal
Accounting Standards Advisory Board environmental accounting standards SFFAS
No.5 & SFFAS No.6 as filed to the US Congress was $301.2 billion and that
doesn't include the estimates for unfunded environmental cleanup costs.

Do you think Pollution Prevention (P2) and sustainability initiatives and
funding are stimulated under the transparency of federal government
financial environmental accounting reporting under the federal (FASAB)
codified environmental accounting standards SFFAS No.5 (liability) and SFFAS
No.6 (plant, property, and equipment)?

Here is my email correspondence on this issue Larry Stout,Assistant
Commissioner,Governmentwide Accounting
Financial Management Service,US Treasury Department for this listservice

Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland
Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists

Email Reference:

I am researching federal government agency filing of unfunded environmental
cleanup costs as mandated under the 1990 Chief Financial Officers Act and
OMB Circular A-134 using the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
(FASAB) Standard Federal Financial Accounting Standard (SFFAS) No.5
(liability) and SFFAS No.6 (plant, property, and equipment).

Can GSA and The U.S. Chief Financial Officers Council tell me if the federal
government agency financial unfunded environmental cleanup costs as filed to
Congress on March 1st  is significant in the US government financial
economic performance?

And can you provide me those federal agency unfunded environmental cleanup
costs as filed to Congress?

Thank you for your prompt response to my inquieries.

Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland

In regard to your inquire concerning federal government agency reporting of
unfunded environmental cleanup costs, we are glad to inform you, that we
publish in the Financial Report of the United States Government (FR) – Note
12 Environmental and Disposal liabilities, the amounts that the agencies
report to us.

The liabilities reported to the FR for FY 2000, were: Department of Energy $
234.3 billion, Department of Defense $63.2 billion and Other $ 3.7 billion,
for a total of $ 301.2 billion, reported as a liability in the FR Balance
Sheet, which represents 4.4 % of the total liabilities.
This is the total Environmental and disposal liability reported, but we don’
t receive information of how much of this amount is unfunded. We also do not
report the significance of this amount as part of the US Government
financial economic performance.  This information could be obtained directly
from these two agencies. Please contact them to obtain further detailed
Thank you, for your inquire

Larry Stout,
Assistant Commissioner
Governmentwide Accounting
Financial Management Service
US Treasury Department