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RE: Mercury in automobiles

Hi Pete,

There are a number of components in cars that may contain mercury.  The
major ones include:

Mercury Light Switches (trunks and hoods)
Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) (two to three switches per unit)
Ride Control Systems (two to four switches per unit)
Fluorescent Lamps (background lighting in the display) 
High Intensity Discharge Headlamps (high-end vehicles)

Other components that may contain mercury include:
Accelerator Sensors for Air Bags
Rechargeable Batteries for Radios
Heated Rear Windows
Speedometer Systems

Hope this helps,

Andy Bray
Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA)
129 Portland Street, Sixth Floor
Boston, MA 02114
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What are the components in a vehicle that contain mercury?

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