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neat P2 movies idea

I have about a dozen videos on P2 from various sources covering various topics.  There are more out there too.  I am wondering, would any institution be interested to support a project to convert these videos into CDROM products?  Benefits are many:  easy to duplicate with no image loss (a big issue in second hand vids); much less materials (good LCA points); less costly to mail; can be shown using a PC with projector to a large audience; can copy video images and use them in publications / presentations (assuming no copyright problem); etc.  I could do such a project relatively easily, just have to add a TV card to my PC, which has a CD Burner.  Can prob get 3 or 4 vids on one CD sinc most of them are only about 15 mins, and there is now good video image compression software.  Once the master CDs are done, anyone could make copies for distribution if copyright is clear.  Also, once they are digitized, they can be compressed and streamed over a website, which is becoming a lot more practical now that more people have broadband.  Also, it would solve the ongoing problem of people always running out of stock of videos.  Since we are all at the PC a lot anyway it is easy to burn a copy of a CD when needed.
Here is what I have, maybe you could send me titles you know about and I can compile the Big List of P2 Videos and repost it to the list.
I got:
Less Is More:  P2 Is Good Business (EPA, 23 mins)
In Partnership with the Earth:  Future of the Enviroment (EPA, 1 hr)
Beyond Business as Usual:  Meeting Challenge of Hazardous Waste (EPA Region 8, 28 mins)
Rinsing Process Mods for Metal Finishers (EPA Region 9, 30 mins)
EMS for Printers (PNEAC, 21 mins)
A New Strategy for Environmental Protection:  Industrial Waste Minimization (Taiwan EPA!)
Waste Min in the Textile Wet Processing Industry (Taiwan EPA)
Implementing Waste Min in Industries (Taiwan EPA, 20 mins)
Keepin It Clean In the Oil Patch (NETA, 15 mins)
Eco-Audit Support (Hong Kong)
P2 for Metal Platers - Dragout Reduction (EPA, 50 mins, in English and Spanish)
Profit thru Prevention: Best Envir Practices for Auto Repair (EPA Region 9)
P2 Makes Sense (Minn OEA, 13 mins)
Source Reduction NOW (Minn OEA, 12 mins)
The UN produced a 90-min video on Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development with lots of great global footage, I am trying to find my copy in the PILE.
Don't ask me which ones are best, sitting thru all these would cause me to have P2 Backlash and I will go do something UnSustainable.  Speaking of which, where is the eggnog...
Burt Hamner