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demand vs. zoned water heaters

Here are a couple of questions on hot water management that I'm hoping some
of you may have insight into.

In Montana, average occupancy for hotels ranges from less than 40% in the
off-season (January) to nearly 90% during peak season (July / August).
Consequently, hotels can save a lot of money if their hot water systems are
set up so that during the off-season they don't have to keep the same amount
of hot water on hand that they need to have available during peak-season.

For construction of a new hotel, does it make more sense to go with several
relatively small zoned boilers or with on-demand water heaters?

For an existing hotel with one or two big gas-fired boilers, what would be
the best economically viable retrofit?

Thanks and have a great holiday!

Ted Lange
Pollution Prevention Program
Montana State University Extension Service
P.O. Box 173580
Bozeman, MT 59717-3580
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