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Recycling high quality steel scrap

Hello, all.

Apologies for cross posting.

Have a client who makes bearings from high quality steel. They generate a
lot of turnings from their manufacturing operation which they process to
improve its acceptability for recycling by the steel industry. In past
years, they have netted more than $100,000 in revenue for this scrap
annually (payment less processing costs).

Within the last three months, the market has gone entirely soft. Now,
instead of getting paid for this material, they have to pay to get rid of
it. They are even thinking of shutting down their scrap processing
operation-essentially a small hammer mill (particle size reduction) and
centrifuge (de-oiling) to cut costs.

My client is suspicious that there may be something more than market forces
at work here. Does anyone know of any EPA regulatory initiatives that are
coming down the pike that could be affecting my client's ability to recycle
this material?

Would appreciate any help I can get on this one, including knowledge that
there is NOT a current or planned regulatory change.



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