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flat-panel monitors

Hello everyone,

Here at LANL we use several brands and models of flat-panel monitors for 
our computers. In general, once the useful life of these items is over, we 
recycle them. Ideally, we would like to purchase non-hazardous flat panel 
monitors; we also need to document the hazardous/non-hazardous profile of 

We are seeking TCLP information for flat panel monitors. We have not been 
able to obtain TCLP information from manufacturers; in fact many 
manufacturers state that they do not perform TCLP analysis on their 
products. Has anyone had any luck obtaining TCLP information from major 
computer manufacturers on flat-panel monitors? Know of any studies/websites 
on this issue by other groups? Know of any well-documented flat panel 
monitors that can be purchased?

Thank you in advance for your help

Susan J. Voss
Division E-ESO