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NASA (contractor) P2 position

Hi P2Techers--

Happy New Year. A friend asked me to post the position announcement below.


Rod Sobin
Innovative technology Manager
Virginia DEQ
	The NASA Acquisition Pollution Prevention Office (http://acqp2.nasa.gov/) is 
presently looking to fill a pollution prevention (contractor) position at 
Kennedy Space Center, FL.  Requirements: Engineer, scientist, or technician 
with 2 to 12 years of work experience.  Preferences: Experience in conducting 
industrial waste assessments, evaluating P2 technologies, and/or managing 
environmental projects; experience working with or for NASA and/or Department 
of Defense; and good communication skills.

	The position would involve: 
*	evaluating, prioritizing, and recommending P2 opportunities for possible 
development into funded projects; 
*	planning, selling, organizing, and coordinating funded P2 projects 
involving one or more NASA Centers; 
*	assisting Center Managers in identifying, validating and implementing 
qualified, less hazardous materials and processes; 
*	facilitating partnerships between NASA and other organizations (e.g., Joint 
Group on Pollution Prevention  http://www.jgpp.com, ESTCP  
http://www.estcp.org) to execute the P2 projects and minimize duplication of 
effort within government and industry;
*	helping overcome obstacles to NASA implementation of qualified technologies; 
*	monitoring and documenting project progress; 
*	monitoring the activities of P2 projects outside of NASA
	Occasionally, the position may also involve being part of a team that plans 
and conducts P2 opportunity surveys at NASA Centers in California, Texas, 
Alabama, Florida, Maryland, and other locations.

	Other secondary skills and abilities that would be potentially desirable 
include environmental research, cost-benefit analyses, environmental 
regulations, computer programming, technical/proposal writing, and contract 

	If you know of anyone that might be interested, they should email their 
resume to Mr. Denny Jarvi, ITB, Inc.,  djarvi@itb-inc.com