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Natural Lighting and Cubicals

Seasons Greetings to All:

I've been asked to evaluate the design of a proposed office building.  I
have little experience with the following subject matter and ask for your

An engineering company plans to relocate to a vacant lot in an urban area.
Since this is the first attempt to redevelop the brownfield area, the
municipality has strongly requested that the building be designed and
constructed in a 'green' manner.  Unfortunately, the 'green' idea has not
been clearly defined.  Through much negotiation, several criteria were
identified as goals for this new development.  Among the criteria is
natural lighting.  The proposed two story office building will use windows
and a center glass-peaked roof to provide natural lighting.  Because the
company owners and the municipality have agreed to use as much natural
lighting on the second floor as possible, cubicals have been selected for a
majority of the office space.

Approximately 50 employees work for the engineering company.  Assignments
range from proposal and report writing to equipment and system designs for
manufacturing operations.  The current office building has approximately
90% individual office rooms.  Some employees have expressed concerns over
the proposed layout and have the following questions:

1.  Have studies been conducted which evaluate employee productivity in
office rooms versus cubical settings?  Natural lighting versus fluorescence

2.  Has anyone designed an office building using natural lighting while
maximizing office space (i.e. office rooms versus cubicals)?

Any information or reference citations will be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Senn
Staff Engineer
Sigma Environmental Services, Inc.
(414) 768-7144