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Re: Natural Lighting and Cubicals


I have some information that may help.  First, I will mail you a copy of a 
newspaper article with several testimonials about the health and 
productivity advantages of natural lighting.  I believe there was a study 
published in California that I can track down if you need it.  Second, I 
have seen "daylighting" technology in use in an office with cubicals and 
regular walls.  The daylighting technology would be my first choice to work 
in by far.  The quality was excellent, far superior to artificial 
lighting.  It is better for discriminating details and overall easier on 
the eyes.   The amount of light can also be controlled.  Installation in a 
new facility is cost effective versus a retrofit.  You can check out info. 
on the specific technology I saw at www.cooldaylights.com  this is not an 
endorsement and I have no financial connection with this company.  I can 
also give you contact information for some experts on this subject if you'd 

Gary Miller

  At 09:13 AM 1/7/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Seasons Greetings to All:
>I've been asked to evaluate the design of a proposed office building.  I
>have little experience with the following subject matter and ask for your
>An engineering company plans to relocate to a vacant lot in an urban area.
>Since this is the first attempt to redevelop the brownfield area, the
>municipality has strongly requested that the building be designed and
>constructed in a 'green' manner.  Unfortunately, the 'green' idea has not
>been clearly defined.  Through much negotiation, several criteria were
>identified as goals for this new development.  Among the criteria is
>natural lighting.  The proposed two story office building will use windows
>and a center glass-peaked roof to provide natural lighting.  Because the
>company owners and the municipality have agreed to use as much natural
>lighting on the second floor as possible, cubicals have been selected for a
>majority of the office space.
>Approximately 50 employees work for the engineering company.  Assignments
>range from proposal and report writing to equipment and system designs for
>manufacturing operations.  The current office building has approximately
>90% individual office rooms.  Some employees have expressed concerns over
>the proposed layout and have the following questions:
>1.  Have studies been conducted which evaluate employee productivity in
>office rooms versus cubical settings?  Natural lighting versus fluorescence
>2.  Has anyone designed an office building using natural lighting while
>maximizing office space (i.e. office rooms versus cubicals)?
>Any information or reference citations will be greatly appreciated.
>Jeff Senn
>Staff Engineer
>Sigma Environmental Services, Inc.
>(414) 768-7144

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