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Natural Lighting and Cubicals

Fowarded on behalf of  Tim Greiner <tgreiner@kgaainc.com>


There have been a number of studies comparing human performance in daylight
areas versus non-daylight areas.  See
-- there is one study that found improved academic performance of public
school kids when in rooms with more daylight.  I have also heard of a US
Postal Service study that showed huge productivity improvements in a mail
sorting facility when daylighting was introduced.  I suppose finding a
study specific to a white collar environment would be most helpful...
perhaps the folks at PG&E would be helpful.

This web site has a daylighting bibliography.


At 09:13 AM 1/7/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Seasons Greetings to All:
>I've been asked to evaluate the design of a proposed office building.  I
>have little experience with the following subject matter and ask for your
>An engineering company plans to relocate to a vacant lot in an urban area.
>Since this is the first attempt to redevelop the brownfield area, the
>municipality has strongly requested that the building be designed and
>constructed in a 'green' manner.  Unfortunately, the 'green' idea has not
>been clearly defined.  Through much negotiation, several criteria were
>identified as goals for this new development.  Among the criteria is
>natural lighting.  The proposed two story office building will use windows
>and a center glass-peaked roof to provide natural lighting.  Because the
>company owners and the municipality have agreed to use as much natural
>lighting on the second floor as possible, cubicals have been selected for a
>majority of the office space.
>Approximately 50 employees work for the engineering company.  Assignments
>range from proposal and report writing to equipment and system designs for
>manufacturing operations.  The current office building has approximately
>90% individual office rooms.  Some employees have expressed concerns over
>the proposed layout and have the following questions:
>1.  Have studies been conducted which evaluate employee productivity in
>office rooms versus cubical settings?  Natural lighting versus fluorescence
>2.  Has anyone designed an office building using natural lighting while
>maximizing office space (i.e. office rooms versus cubicals)?
>Any information or reference citations will be greatly appreciated.
>Jeff Senn
>Staff Engineer
>Sigma Environmental Services, Inc.
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