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OEA's P2 Evaluation Report

> A draft of the "2002 Pollution Prevention Evaluation Report" is now available on the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance web site at http://www.moea.state.mn.us. The full path name is http://www.moea.state.mn.us/berc/p2evaluation2002.cfm.  The report must be submitted to the legislature every two years, and evaluates progress of pollution prevention in Minnesota. This is the first year we are reporting on progress with Persistent, Bioaccumulative Toxic chemicals,  Pesticides and  Greenhouse gases in addition to our standard manufacturing facilitates. We all know the limitations of the data we have to evaluate progress in P2. The OEA is interested in hearing from our peers in other states regarding our approach. This version will be available until Jan. 23.
> Thank you,
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