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Are some regs driving increased use of haz chemicals?

Forwarded on behalf of James Ewell.  Please respond to P2Tech or Mr. Ewell

Mr. Hamner,

I know that EPA is doing a lot with this issue.  Also, Patricia Dillon of
Dillon Environmental Associates has done much during her career on
electronics recycling.

Good luck!

James Ewell

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Subject: [environmentaljournalists] Are some regs driving increased use
of haz chemicals?

Any input to this project will be much appreciated!
Burton Hamner

Have environmental regulations, disclosure requirements, or product bans
caused companies to use more dangerous chemicals?  Anecdotal evidence,
mostly from developing countries, indicates that some companies are using
petroleum or alcohol-based solvents in place of CFCs.  This produces more
hazardous waste, more VOC air pollution and increased fire risk, despite
reducing ozone depletion. There is also some anecdotal evidence that TRI /
Pollution Transfer &Release disclosure requirements caused firms to
substitute away from reportable chemicals to others that might have more of
an impact than the TRI chemical. We are collecting any evidence of these
changes in risks that might be available.  Our objective is to promote
better understanding of comparative risk management in Cleaner Production
and Pollution Prevention.  A professional paper is being developed.  If you
have any examples you can share with us we will be grateful and contact you
for further details.  Please reply to
Mark Cohen, Professor, Vanderbilt University

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