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RE: Replacement for MEK

Hi Tammy,

I just did some work researching alternative cleaners for adhesive removal, 
using Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) to help match cleaners to resins. 
According to HSP, a 50:50 blend of DuPont DBE (di-basic ester) and 
propylene carbonate should perform very similarly to MEK.

You can learn more about DBE on

You can learn about HSP in general on:

Good luck,

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>         Subject: Replacement for MEK
>         Can anyone identify a potential alternative cleaning solvent for MEK
>in the following application:
>         A facility is trying to eliminate the use of MEK in cleaning, but
>has hit a snag in their screen cleaning (screen printing). The inks they use
>are MEK-based and cannot be changed currently due to their government
>customer specs. The MEK is wiped on an 8x8 screen. So far, they tried ethyl
>acetate, but it dissolved the PVA in the screen. Now they are trying
>acetone, but the employees complain of smell and health hazards. Any
>suggestions on a solvent that is safe and could quickly remove an MEK-based
>ink without hurting PVA-based materials?
>         Thank you for any assistance,
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