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RE: Gas or Electric


I think it's been forgotten how at the end of the 19th century there was a lot of worry in professional circles how "the-great-social-we" was going to deal with the incredible amount of manure generated by urban societies that used horses for a large amount of their transportation.  There were major fatal-infectionous-disease public health issues.  As is the case with many waste management issues, a few animals here & there is one thing, 10-to-the-7th-power animals is another.

Risk communication is a fine and difficult art.  I should probably get back to my real job tho.
Bob Minicucci
Illegitimati non carborundum
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right you are - nothing is ever easy.  I'd simply point out that people do
occassionally offer to come and cart away - for free -  part of our pile of
horse hockey. There is value as a fertilizer there, and potential problems,
I concur.  Still, I've never heard of anyone offering to gather the land
mines left by the neighborhood dogs...

The public's perception of risk, and "risk communication" is a whole
'nother issue.  My observation is that the public will accept a great deal
of onerous impacts (Exxon Valdez, even war) if they desire the benefits
(lights go on when wanted, low-cost personal transportation) that go along
with it.



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