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RE: $ incentives for implementing EMS

The State of Washington allows the use of an EMS in lieu of a required
pollution prevention plan, if the EMS meets certain criteria.  Guidance on
this is available at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/biblio/97401.html .

Judy Kennedy
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Subject: $ incentives for implementing EMS

I am trying to find out if there are any DIRECT financial incentives (e.g., 
tax relief, grants, loans, $ awards, other) for businesses implementing EMS 

i have heard of savings from improved efficiency/environmental performance
avoided wastes, etc. due to EMS implementation, or customers that require 
suppliers to implement EMS may help pay transition or implementation costs.

Other than these types of examples, are there any governments, foundations, 
or other that give tax relief? grants? loans? awards? etc. for EMS 

i have found the 3 following programs on web searches, so if there's
else you know of, please reply!

Maine Department of Environmental Protection's site for their Environmental 
Management Systems Assistance and Incentive Program
They have a pdf file called EMS Incentive Policy and another on Incentive

Oregon DEQ 
DEQ's Green Permits Program encourages and rewards facilities that go the 
extra mile to reduce environmental impacts. 

(not really applicable) Illinois Technology Office - 
"Between 1999 and 2001, more than $340 million in VentureTECH funding will
spent on technology initiatives in state agencies to create digital 
government services that revolve around the public and increase efficiency 
and accountability. 

Thanks!  Michelle Gaither, PPRC