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Reducing phosphate and/or nitrogen loadings

 Is there anyone out there who has worked on reducing phosphate and/or
nitrogen loadings in a stream through pollution prevention and public
outreach?  The local public treatment works will have to reduce effluent
phosphorus concentrations by 90% at a cost of 5-20 million by 2004 to
meet new stream segment standards.  The town involved is a tourist town
in the high mountains of New Mexico and the problem only occurs from May
to September when there is strong sunlight that penetrates the clear
mountain stream creating matted algae growths.  Besides being
aesthetically undesirable the algae clogs irrigation line valves and
sprinklers.  Possible sources of phosphate and nitrogen include
detergents containing phosphate imported from Mexico, a racetrack,
fertilizers applied to golf courses, lawns and agricultural land, and
illegal septic dumping.  We are looking for pollution prevention ideas
and outreach ideas that have been successfully demonstrated in a similar
situation.  Your input would be appreciated!
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