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Municipal Wastewater Effluents

Hi Everyone

C2P2 is currently exploring issues related to municipal wastewater effluents.
We are looking for contacts in organizations around the world who could provide
us further information on the following:

    -Alternatives to chlorination for disinfection of wastewater effluent
(municipal or industrial)
    -Alternatives for using nonyl phenol and its ethoxylates (NPE) and ammonia
    -'At the source control' policies, programs, practices, that municipalities
who directly discharge their treated wastewater effluent to surface waters can
implement to reduce the pollutant loadings to wastewater treatment plants.  Some
examples of these programs include: sewer use bylaws, water pricing and
metering; effluent treatment user fees, sectoral best management practices which
promote the reduction or elimination of use of regulated substances at
industries & institutions.
    -'At the source control' policies, programs, practices that institutions or
organizations who directly discharge their wastewater effluent to surface waters
(such as at some First Nation and federal facilities) can implement to reduce
their pollutant loadings.

Thank you in advance.

Deb Foster
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
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Sarnia, ON  N7T 4R2
Fax: 519-337-3486
E-mail: deb@c2p2online.com