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Salvage Yard Experts

The presence of mercury and PCBs in various white goods, light
ballasts, and autos is a well recognized problem in the scrap metal
recycling (i.e. salvage yard) business.  An operator of such a business
has been in contact with our program and is quite interested in talking
to recognized experts or other operators that are successively (i.e.
cost effectively) addressing this problem.  Any suggestions of
individuals that this operator can contact are greatly appreciated.  

Please note, we are currently aware of the following individuals:

Mark H. Durance, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries - Michigan
Mark Harings, Wisconsin DNR, Auto Recycling/Scrap and Waste Recyclers
Dave Keeling, Regional Manager for Steel Recycling Institute
Barb Utter, Automotive Recycler's of Michigan


David Herb
Environmental Engineer
Pollution Prevention Section
MDEQ - Environmental Assistance Division
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