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Inquiry: How to PREVENT inappropriate re-use of bulk chemical containers?

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I recently received an inquiry from a ChemAlliance user that is a slight
twist on the question of re-use of bulk shipping containers used for
chemicals.  Specifically, the question was:

> I am very, very interested  to know how to prevent other industries
> or consumers to reuse empty packages/bulks in order  to avoid 
> environmental responsibility. What are the possible tolls to avoid it. 
> Could you suggest a  site/articles/ cases/ legislation in Europe and
America that 
> [discuss] it?

I am familiar with a number of case studies discussing the advantages of
drum/tote re-use and recycle programs, and have seen some nice examples of
dissolvable packaging, in which the packaging is made of materials
compatible with the process chemistry itself, and so can be thrown into a
mixer along with its contents.  But I am not aware of specific practices and
policies set up to PREVENT re-use of containers by the customer and would
appreciate any examples that our readers can provide.

I will forward your replies to the person requesting the information. 

Thanks in advance, 

Scott Butner (scott.butner@pnl.gov) 
Director, ChemAlliance
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
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