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Re: Inquiry: How to PREVENT inappropriate re-use of bulk chemical containers?

Make the deposit high enough and they will come back!

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Subject: Inquiry: How to PREVENT inappropriate re-use of bulk chemical

> List Subscribers --
> I recently received an inquiry from a ChemAlliance user that is a slight
> twist on the question of re-use of bulk shipping containers used for
> chemicals.  Specifically, the question was:
> > I am very, very interested  to know how to prevent other industries
> > or consumers to reuse empty packages/bulks in order  to avoid
> > environmental responsibility. What are the possible tolls to avoid it.
> > Could you suggest a  site/articles/ cases/ legislation in Europe and
> America that
> > [discuss] it?
> I am familiar with a number of case studies discussing the advantages of
> drum/tote re-use and recycle programs, and have seen some nice examples of
> dissolvable packaging, in which the packaging is made of materials
> compatible with the process chemistry itself, and so can be thrown into a
> mixer along with its contents.  But I am not aware of specific practices
> policies set up to PREVENT re-use of containers by the customer and would
> appreciate any examples that our readers can provide.
> I will forward your replies to the person requesting the information.
> Thanks in advance,
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